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Tired of being scratched up when hunting the Spiny Lobster?

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The Original Lobster Inn
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The top two-thirds is made of puncture resistant, solid denier nylon, protecting the diver from the Spiny Lobster, while the bottom one-third is white mesh nylon to allow ample water flow.

The gold standard of catch bags is the original “Lobster Inn.”  

Experienced divers have learned the hard way that having the best catch bag on the market is important to keep from losing a lobster when opening the catch bag to add another catch.

Keystone Dive Products original "Lobster Inn" has a  riveted handle, so it will not break off, D-rings to facilitate attachment,  a brightly colored bag with traditional dive flag red and white colors. The 26-inch long bag tightly snugs the outside of the 6-inch mouth to discourage lobsters from bunching up around the entrance as they unsuccessfully try to escape. For easy removal, the bag has a heavy-duty plastic zipper along the bottom with a D-ring to assist with zipping and unzipping the bag. We have found that many divers like to use the D-rings to anchor the bag and for attaching a small float when using it as a joint collection bag.